Possible Real Spacecrafts – Traveling through the stars has been proven to be absolutely possible. Humans began with small one man metal pods that would orbit the Earth before falling back down, parachuting into the sea for a water based landing. Then, mankind created powerful shuttled that had more control to push out farther than the upper levels of the atmosphere which were followed by orbiter landing crafts for going to and from the shuttle when traveling to the surface of the moon. To push even farther we have created space stations which stay in suspended orbit a decent height above Earth’s atmosphere. With all of the human potential for even more advanced spacecrafts, it is not surprising to think of the possible modes of space travel that other intelligent life forms could be creating worlds away. Looking into the minds of science fiction masters and UFO sightings, a list can be created of some of the most probable spacecrafts of alien entities that might actually be out there.


Triangular classes of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are also known as “black triangles” as their triangular base tends to cast a black shadow or a solid black three sided shape. This class of UFO has been reported as being seen since the 1940s until the present. At the current time, this type of craft is the most commonly reported. Normal reports of this type of UFO also tell of circular lights located in each point of the triangle. The color of these lights vary though. Sometimes they are orange, other times white, and occasionally red too. However, the most common reports have some combination of these colors. There is even a larger light in the middle of the triangular craft that will act as a strobe light or even a transportation beam. As for the sounds of these ships, they can vary as a deep throbbing noise or completely silent in its travels. Even more amazingly about these particular crafts though, they have been known to suddenly split into two separate flying ships that can either fly off individually or together.

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Flying Disc

The infamous flying disc (or flying saucer) is one of the most easily recognizable as it has been so widely publicized. The saucer shaped or disc shaped body is generally described as metallic or a shimmering silver color. Like the triangular crafts, these UFOs have also been seen as having exterior lights on occasion. These lights usually cover the craft in running lights or are surrounded with glowing lights or a ring of lights like a bright disc (making them look similar to the planet Saturn with their outer ring). Their shape and somewhat smaller size makes them highly maneuverable in our atmosphere. The movements of these crafts tend to be either hovering in the middle of the air or moving rapidly through the sky. They can travel in close formation as a group or alone. These crafts have been sighted by humans as early as the Middle Ages, but the sighting of one of these flying saucers in 1947 was when the term was actually coined.


Cigar Shaped

A large tube shape that flies throughout the planet’s sky is usually the most common description of the cigar shaped classification of UFO. The colors of this particular type of craft tends to vary though from silver or metallic like the flying disc UFOs or even brown. The giant cylindrical spacecrafts can vary in size as well as their colors from a few hundred feet to upwards of thousands of feet long. These cigar shaped cylinders are amazingly silent for their size. They can generate little to no noise while maintaining a hover or even while maneuvering through the sky. When they are moving slowly for a flying craft (roughly 100 miles per hour or so) they do not generate any smoke plume to draw attention to themselves, but they are known to put out golden straw colored smoke in their wake during the daytime and flame colored smoke in the darkness of night. Also, these ships have been reported as having either large lights or even portholes on their sides, making them seem almost like submarines of the sky. To make this type of craft even more amazing, the larger end of the size scale for the cigar shaped ships have been known to discharge smaller crafts in large numbers.

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Egg Shaped

Egg shaped crafts are seemingly oval or oblong shaped space crafts that fly with the long axis vertical so that it looks like a flying egg in the sky. The addition to these ships though that make them look more like crafts instead of simple floating egg shapes are small leg like attachments (sometimes two and sometimes are seen with four) that aid in the landing of these special ships. However, some reports of these egg shaped crafts say that the landing gear which appear to be thin limbs can be retractable while in high speed flight. Studies have been done on the landing impressions of these crafts since such flying spaceships of an odd shape attract attention. The analysis shows that the craft was probably about 30 tons in weight. This type of UFO is considered to be one of the noisiest kinds of ships. It is known to roar, hum, or even buzz. When someone is in close quarters with these machines they are claimed to have a whirr or whining sound. A few seconds before it takes off from the ground and while it rises the pitch of these sounds increases in intensity and pitch. These crafts are also known to travel at super sonic speed, causing an oblong shape across the sky. The color of these crafts vary in witness sightings though—metallic, silver, white, black, and even a rainbow combination.


U Shaped

Witnesses of this classification of UFO keep the description of the shape of the craft very simple. They are called horseshoe shaped crafts, magnet shaped crafts, or even simply “U” shaped ships. The size of this shape can differ from witness to witness though. Some claim that it is merely close to the size of a large airplane to being three or even four times larger than a jumbo jet. It seems to lack outside features though. The primary color of the body of the craft is generally black (or at least appears black) and is very reflective when hit with light. The U shaped spacecrafts are also known to pick up the hues and colors of the surrounding areas and objects because of their extremely reflective nature. Their maneuverability seems a bit limited though from witness records and statements. Rather than banking or turning, the vehicle simply rotates. The U shaped crafts also have a habit of traveling very close to the ground but make little or no noise despite this closeness to humans and other living creatures. Like most other spacecrafts seen on Earth, the U shaped crafts have perimeter lighting. These lights have been recorded as being yellow or even a yellow-orange color. Differing from other spacecrafts though, these perimeter lights are non-blinking and may even have a function of lighting the path of the ship or acting as a steady light signal to other ships in the area.

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