Real Ghost Story: Black Widow Woman – This are my own experiences even though I didn’t see the “them”, I can feel their presence as I have stronger sixth sense since young. Let’s start by letting you all know that my current house was already more than 20 years old. This house was the first building built back when Singapore Citizens moved from Kampong Village to HDB flats as what my mum told me. Also from the fengshui perspective view, our house was quite dark. No sunlight can shine into my house given that the position of this house was designed. And we even cleanse this house before but not much of use. Therefore, my house had quite many happenings all this years and this is just one of it.

This matter happened not long ago. That night, I wanted to visit the toilet before getting ready to sleep. As our kitchen lights had already turned off, of course I had to turned it on. As soon as I turned the lights on, I immediately saw a dark shadow disappearing above my head. I thought to myself, “Must be the darkness got shined on when I turned on the lights, that’s why the dark shadow.” But I still got a little scared after seeing that so I quickly went in and quickly rushed back to my room after that. I even turned on my bright room light to sleep that night. But that night I wasn’t able to sleep well at all, I kept waking up within few hours time each. Although I don’t see anything (touchwood), I do felt a bit not right and I kept trying my best to sleep through it that night.

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The next day after I woke up, I told my mum about what I saw the previous night and my mum told me something scary in return. She told me that the previous night when she woke up around 2AM, she saw my room light was turned on for the night which is very rare because I only do that when I am scared. She said she felt that it was weird of me to have my room light turned on as she don’t see that happened much and she decided not to disturb my sleep. After that, she got scared and went to sleep in my eldest brother’s room and that’s when something happened.

When she went in my brother’s room, weird is my brother was using his bolster to cover his face to sleep but my mum didn’t think much and just went to sleep too and there she dreamed. A woman with black long hair and long finger nails crawling to her from my eldest brother’s side. She got suffocated by the woman and my mum kept trying to push the woman off her. When she finally woke up, it’s already next day. She said that woman looks like the black widow as in a spider looking woman, not from the movie Marvel.

I got scared when she told me this matter that day and I’ve told her to just wake me up IF she saw me sleeping with bright light turn on again (I hope no more of this) because I definitely won’t be sleeping or I won’t be sleeping well at all for the night. And that’s what happened that night.

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