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Real Ghost Story: Is It Following Me? – So when I was about thirteen years old, my friend and I had this immense fascination with the paranormal. He had a few spots on his parents vast property in Mineral Point that were eerie themselves before we ever even stumbled upon the thought that there may be spirits there.

One night we were watching a ghost hunters TV show and saw that they were using EVP’s. We thought that was a fantastic idea and tried to capture our own. We set out a tape recorder and proceeded to ask questions. After about an hour of recording we listened to the tape but it was to no avail. There was nothing on there.

We were young and hopeful though so we set out again the next night to try again. This time we chose a different location. Behind his house was this old, dilapidated stone building that looks like it was once used for storage and possibly a cellar. We set out the tape recorder and again we started to ask questions.

When we went back to listen to the tape we had almost given up hope that we were going to be able to capture anything. But in the last minute or so of the about 30 minute long tape, we heard what sounded to be a muffled voice. As we continued to listen it got louder and louder but we were still unable to make out what it was saying. Then it went silent, almost as if the batteries on the recorder had died. Then as clear as day we heard a raspy voice say “Help me.” (I know what you’re thinking, cliché right?) But that is what we heard. Being thirteen years old, this scared the s**t out of us.

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It wasn’t until after that night that strange things started happening to me. At first it was minor things. I remember sitting at home one night (keep in mind, none of these subsequential events took place at the original property where we heard the recording). As I was saying, I was at home on the computer and I swear I saw someone out of the corner of my eye walk across the hallway from the bathroom into my bedroom. I went to investigate and I didn’t see anybody, however I couldn’t help but notice a strange, ominous feeling come over me and I felt as if I was being watched.

Things started to escalate, getting stranger and stranger. One night I was home alone. Both of my parents worked nights at the time so this was not a rare occurrence. I was watching TV and I noticed the volume was getting louder and louder but there was no indication, such as numbers on the screen, that I or anybody else was pushing the volume button. It eventually got so loud I had to unplug the TV. I plugged it back in and it was back to its original volume.

On a separate occasion, my dad had asked me to go outside and grab something out of his truck for him. I opened the door but did not enter the truck, more so I was just leaned in and grabbed what I needed to grab. As I turned around I was face to face with an older gentleman. I had never seen this man in my life and he looked sickly. I asked if I could help him and he did not respond. I ran back into the house to tell my parents that there was a sick looking man in the driveway. We went back out to see if we could help him and there was no trace of him. He was gone. Or had he vanished?

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A few years later I moved to Milwaukee when I was 19 with some friends from school. The house was a rather large house but it was old. Everything was fine there during the day. But as soon as it got dark out there was something strange that would happen. That same eerie feeling I got, like I was being watched when I was younger, would wash over me.

One night I was laying on the couch watching Netfix and I heard the creeking of what sounded like someone walking slowly through the living room. This was strange because all of my roommates were either sleeping or hanging out in their rooms. I quickly forgot about it and went back to watching Netflix. A few minutes later I heard it again but this time it was louder. It sounded like they were running towards the back door which I could see from where I was sitting. I stared at the door and suddenly it opened as if someone was walking through it. It did not fly open or gently creek open. It opened just as if any regular person were going to walk through the doorway.

A year later I moved back to my hometown. I found a Ouija board at my parents house that was made in the 60’s. I thought it would be fun to take over to my friend’s house and see what would happen. While we were using it, my friend and I suddenly went from being wide awake to just completely exhausted to the point where we could barely stay awake. But as soon as we said goodbye and put the board away it was like our energy had been replenished.

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I took the board back to my parents’ house and placed it back in the cabinet where I had found it. I latched the cabinet and was on my way out of the room when I hard it unlatch and open slightly. I thought nothing of it, I must have not latched it tight. So I fixed it. A few hours later I walk by and I notice that it is unlatched and open again. I ask my parents if either one of them had opened it and they said no. They had not even been in that room.

Here I am now, I am 22 years old and I live in Madison now. It’s been probably a year since anything strange has happened. Until the other night when I was in my room and my roommate was in his. When suddenly we heard a loud BANG and both of our doors had opened about halfway. Our doors were securely latched, not to mention they stick shut half the time anyway. So they couldn’t have just been blown over by the wind or bumped into. They were deliberately opened by someone or something.

Now I don’t know if any of these occurrences are connected or what. I’m not really frightened by any of them anymore. I’ve never felt as if I was in danger. I was just wondering if anybody could shed some light on them? Thank you!