Real Ghost Story: Forsyth in Shadows – When I was 7 I lived in Forsyth Ga with my older sister Sarah and my Mother Jan. Being the youngest of four (and now youngest of 5) no one much listened to me much or believed any of my strange stories. Ever since I was young, strange things would happen to me, no matter where I was. My mother saw this but to keep the peace in house full of children, I was urged to keep them to myself.

I had always been the one with the tough outer skin, but very sensitive “spirit wise” on the inside. Maybe that’s why none of my other brothers or sisters never really shared their experiences with me. Or maybe, as I was told, they were also sworn to secrecy.

One day after school my sister Sarah and I had just gotten off the bus from school. She was had just turned 10 and I was 7. My other siblings (coming from a home with divorced parents) had already moved away to live with my Dad and stepmother. Mom was at work and we were mature for our age. Able to take our baths and cook small things and do our homework. So it was just another normal day of Sarah and I again. Mom always left the door unlocked under the garage for us, but this particular afternoon, it was locked for some odd reason. We had to run to the neighbors, call mom at work and see where the spare key was.

After finding the key we went inside. I threw my things down by the door and Sarah went to her her room, I can’t remember why. I had my back to her room and was walking into the kitchen when I heard foot steps behind me. Soft and slow at first, then growing louder, faster, and nearer. I thought it was just Sarah at first, but I knew, as I began to run that it wasn’t her chasing me. I could hear and even FEEL a heavy breathing down my neck. Chills flew down my spine.

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When I couldn’t run any longer (I had reached the far wall) I collapsed and shrieked and crumpled on the floor with my hands covering my head in sheer terror.

I heard my sister call my name and heard her running from her room. She had been in there the whole time. Nowhere near me or the kitchen. She asked me what was wrong. I told her nothing, that I fell.

Another experience was around the time of my birthday. My oldest sister Misty came to visit and bought me one of those little princess tiara and earrings sets. I loved it so much. Especially the earrings because of what a beautiful blue they were. (my favorite color). I cherished them and kept them in a small glass jewelry box that had a small lock and key (another present from my late grandfather).

I could hear things in the night always. Breathing, footsteps, whispering, knocking, the bathroom door outside my room opening and shutting. (It creaked very loudly) So, naturally, I still had a night light.

One night while I was asleep, I suddenly remember waking for no reason at all. And looking along my wall. There was a shadow there. The perfect silhouette of a human person. I thought it was mom at first so I wasn’t frightened until it began to move and there was no mom (no one actually) creating the shadow.

I noticed, even at the young age of seven that it didn’t follow the laws of nature or light. It didn’t bend with the walls, it didn’t move or fade no matter which way it was to the light, even at the corners it stayed the same shape and color and I remember the heavy breathing. I don’t really know what happened then. I might have just gone back to sleep or passed out. But when I woke the next morning, my earrings were gone, but my box was still shut and locked. I asked everyone if they had been in my room that night. No one had.

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One last thing, then I’ll stop typing so much, I promise. One day I was in the living room alone while Sarah was outside playing. I can clearly remember watching sailor Moon and eating peanut butter. Ha ha. When, from the corner of my eye a girl came and sat down beside me. I knew she was there, but didn’t think much of it. She had dark hair, but I couldn’t tell about any other features really, except she was wearing a pink and white floral dress from what looked like the early 80’s. It did not bother me one bit, she came off peaceful and I paid her no mind…

Until I remembered Sarah was outside.

She was still there until I turned my full attention to her and she was just gone. Sad to say I ran out of the house and sat in the driveway with Sarah until Mom came home.

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