Real Ghost Story: Good and Evil – I was 16 and I had just met this really cool girl. We became instant friends. As time went on we got closer and closer. One night, she let me in on the little secret that her mother and her practiced witchcraft. At first I was skeptical because my faith runs deep. They explained that white magic was ok and it convinced me. After a few weeks of just “playing” around (I thought it was a bunch of BS, so I didn’t ever take it seriously), one night, they told me I needed to find my spirit guide and told me how to do this in steps. I had to do this precisely because if I did it wrong, I would get a bad / evil spirit guide (their spirit guide was named Simon and he guided them through the other side). I was supposed to do this mentally when I was between light sleep and deep sleep.

I never tried it though, but subconsciously I must have because the following events happened. I’m not even sure if these events are related.

I was sleeping in the new bed my step-grandfather had bought me. It was a little canopy bed but it was really old. Well, I woke up to find that I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed with my feet spread and my arms away from my sides palms up. I was shaking, it was like having a seizure with tears running down my face (I have never had any medical problems) but I was conscious during the whole thing. I saw my dog trying to jump on the bed, but something kept blocking her. There was a hovering cloud of blackness over me trying to suffocate me. I had the distinct feeling that I was going to die and it was very clear to me that this “presence” intention was to kill me. It was full of evil, you could just feel it. I remember seeing out of the corner of my eye a white mist, but it was a very thick mist and I got the distinct “presence” of good. I felt a sorrow, I knew it was crying like it was losing something important. I could hear it saying “just let me help, just say the words and you will be safe. Believe in me and I will walk beside you”.

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The whole time I am shaking (coming up off of the bed) and crying, trying to scream and kick out of this and get the evil that was weighing on my chest trying to kill me off! And then I caught a glimpse of the white mist that saved my life that night. I remember what it had said and remembered thinking “I am to young to die, I have not experienced life yet!”. I started to pray and the more I prayed, the worse the shaking became and once I said Amen, the black evil spirit vanished and I was able to kick out of it and run to my parents bedroom banging on the door.

Daring not to look back into the room because somewhere in my heart, I knew that there was something like a battle taking place in there. After a couple of hours, I went back in there and laid back in the same bed and nothing ever happened, just a sense of calm came over me. Now I can sense more than the average person, whether it be a mood somebody is hiding or somebody else in the room that is not alive. Maybe I am just crazy though?

At first I thought that maybe a spirit had come with the bed and was angry that I was sleeping in it. What do you think? Or maybe I stepped into a realm where I was not invited?

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