Real Ghost Story: Strange Morning – Last night I fell asleep on the mattress on the floor of the tv room, I wanted to watch tv and fell asleep. Later I woke up and all the lights and television were off, probably because my mom or step-dad turned them off, and it was about 3:00am.

I was awakened by a loud sound, I heard someone say something, but I don’t remember, then there was a loud crash and I think the electricity went out because I didn’t hear the fridge or anything making sound. I wasn’t sure if that was a dream or not, but it looked like my dog, who was sleeping next to me, heard it. I was scared and confused as to what happened. Then after a few minutes, the fridge was making sound again and such.

Then I saw my dog, Peanut, who is a playful little dog, she took her dollie and looked into the kitchen and she did the thing to show she wanted to play, she seemed happy, too, she was creeping me out and I didn’t want to see what she was looking at. I just called her over to keep me company because I was scared.

Peanut went wandering off into the hall way and I sat at the end of the mattress, looking into the kitchen, just a dark kitchen with no one in it. I was just waiting for Peanut to come back so I can cuddle with her to help stop me from being scared. Then I heard the french doors in the entry way rattling, then they opened, I looked into the entry way (which wasn’t far from me) hoping to see one of my brothers come out (they like to use the room beyond those doors), but no one came out, so I was a little creeped out and confused.

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Peanut came back and I watched television with her and things seemed normal for a while. I saw the light from my computer screen shining through the french doors into the entry way (my room is next to the room with the french doors), I thought I saw a shadow in front of the light, I thought that maybe my little sister was on my computer since I left it on for her to use if she wanted to. I got up, went to the entry way, looked through the french doors to see into my room, but there was no one in there or in the room where I heard the french doors open.

When the sun started rising, I wanted to come on my computer to listen to music, chat, and read, so I brought Peanut into my room with me because I was still a little scared. It was 6:30am and I was on my computer, having fun, then I heard someone humming in my kitchen, I was excited, thinking it was my mom about to leave for work. The kitchen is right next to my room… I excitedly went into the kitchen to greet her, but to find no one, I looked in the hall way and tv room, but everyone else was still in their rooms, so I was curious.

I went back to my computer and heard someone walking in my kitchen, I wanted to see if it was my mom or sister or at least someone, but there was no one there when I went out, I checked my little sister’s room, but she was still asleep. So I’m wondering what that was all about.

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