Real Ghost Story: The Dream House – This is the continuation of my experiences from the house in the woods. It has now been over a month since we moved into the house. An almost crippling feeling of hopelessness, desperation and extreme sorrow washes over me whenever I am there. It feels as if I am doomed, as if God has abandoned me. I can’t put into words the feeling that has come over me, it’s like eternal darkness in my soul.

I hear voices coming from empty rooms. Things turn up missing on a regular basis only to appear at a later time in their original place. I heard what sounded like my kitchen being destroyed, glass breaking, things being thrown, cabinet doors slamming, but when I entered nothing was out of place.

I have started reading the bible aloud as I walk through the house. As I read the bible doors have slammed, windows have rattled, I have heard banging on the floors above me. On one occasion I heard a frightening voice say “your God is ailing he can’t help you”.

One evening I dozed off on the sofa while watching tv, I was jarred awake by the volume of the tv going to full blast. I opened my eyes and saw a young man standing over me. He looked to be in his early 20’s, had filthy shoulder length brown hair and filthy clothes. As I lay there staring back at him he gave a smile that revealed the most disgusting brown teeth I have ever seen. He then walked toward the dining room. I arose and cautiously followed him, when I entered the dining room it was empty, but there was a putrid smell lingering in the air.

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I started to notice why it seemed to be so quiet, although the house was surrounded by a large wooded area, I never heard birds chirping during the day, nor did I ever hear crickets at night. The only thing that seemed to live in the woods was the stray dog my wife adopted. She quickly befriended him and called him Shadow because of his jet black coat. Shadow is a large black haired male, a sheep dog I believe, he is a slow moving old boy who comes around for his free meal every evening. Shadow won’t enter the house and never seems to come any closer than 10 feet from the back porch. Strangely enough he seems to have no fear of the woods and retreats there every night. I often hear Shadow howling incessantly in the woods at night. I don’t know what it is about Shadow but I feel safe when he is around. I just wish I could get him into the house at night.

Over the past few weeks my wife has become severely withdrawn, she spends nearly all her time in the room on the third floor. I have heard her talking to someone up there, but when I mentioned it she became extremely defensive and said I am trying to make her sound insane. I tried to point out the change in her behavior and she became enraged, she started screaming, cursing, smashing dishes, and then stormed out of the house into the woods. It was well after midnight by the time she came back. We were able to sit down and talk, she admitted that there was several presences in the house and that she had been in contact with some. She said they needed us there and wanted her to bring me in. When I asked what she meant by that she became agitated and stormed up the stairs. She shouted from the top of the stairs he’s getting stronger he will return. I wonder if something is using her, or if something has driven her insane.

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