Real Ghost Story: You Know You’re Dead

Real Ghost Story: You Know You’re Dead – This happened 5 days ago while I was in my colleague’s house in Malaysia. I was in Malaysia for my project and I decided to stay in Zati’s house on the night before the submission of the project report. Her husband had gone to the other city for work and her sister was baby-sitting Zati’s 11-month old son. Her house is a regular two bedroom apartment on 6th floor.

It was around 2300 hours when we finished our dinner and sat around the coffee table with our laptops typing the report. We were talking to each other discussing and sharing our information with each other. We kept hearing soft sobs all through our discussions that but didn’t pay much attention to it.

Zati went to the kitchen counter and asked me if I wanted to have something to drink. I replied yes and she asked what I wanted to have. The just after I finished saying what are my options we heard from the baby monitor which was kept on the kitchen platform, “Please stop it”. It was a standard radio baby monitor one of which was kept in Zati’s son Eli’s room and other one which we heard those words from. There was no way that we could hear those three words in a kid’s shaking voice speaking over the radio monitor. That sent shivers down both of our spines.

This was not the first time I was hearing voices, but it was my first time when it came out of an instrument as clear as ever. My reaction to that was, “Whoa, who is that?” and Zati said no one. She went to the bedroom, got the monitor, shut the door and came and sat beside me. She was ashen. Breaking the silence which followed that, she said that she isn’t crazy but she suspected that there was a child’s ghost in that house. She had seen the apparition of a 6-7 year old boy running from one bedroom to another many times.

Next day I woke up early at around 5 a.m. (I just cannot sleep in other people’s house or maybe it’s my insomnia) and decided to do yoga. After that I went for a bath in the master bedroom’s bathroom. After that I dressed and was putting make-up and while I was doing that I heard in a low voice (it seemed to be coming from the corner in the backside of the bedroom), “You know you’re dead.” And two seconds after “WHY?” I didn’t turn. It was a rough and husky voice unlike the voice which we had heard a day before. This voice was so mean and angry that even though I didn’t have the courage to look but I knew I had to move out of this room. Next I heard a “cling” (I’m not sure if it was the spirit or some normal sound but I was scared enough to even think) which made me squeak (I wanted to scream though) and got me sprint out of the room.

I have experienced paranormal before but these 3 seconds were the most frightening. I don’t know if it’s a threat or a message. Afterwards, I thought to myself, if the world we live in is dead? What if we all are dead? Is that why the child’s spirit asked us to stop speaking? (I know it sounds stupid when I read this after writing) There was a Nicole Kidman starer movie I had watched a long time ago which earlier I thought was a stupid plot but this experience made me rethink that possibility.

Nevertheless I am never going back to that apartment. And I have asked Zati to get the house blessed or better leave it.

Source: yourghoststories

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